Advancing Cyber Security and Critical Infrastructure Protection


Our team consists of award winning faculty members, industry leaders, and professionals with top-level government experience.

We bring a proven track record with decades of experience analyzing complex systems including avionics, oil & gas, water/waste water, building automation, electric power, medical devices, information technology, and weapon systems. 


Bringing together world-renown industry, academic, and government experts to solve the most challenging problems in cyber security.  From strategic to technical, we deliver innovative solutions that make a difference. QED Secure Solutions is a research-driven organization that provides proven capabilities to government and industry partners.

At QED Secure Solutions, collaboration is our strength.

"Quod Erat Demonstrandum"

thus it has been demonstrated

Strategic Studies

Design and product evaluation

Situational awareness

risk management

embedded device assessment

disaster response

vulnerability discovery

data and trend analysis

quality assurance

system evaluation

secure lifecycle management

education and training

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